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  • What to do next Saturday

    I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering what on earth you’re going to do next Saturday. You’re thinking … wouldn’t it be cool if I could go to one location and meet over a hundred authors, get some good books signed? Well, lucky you!

    Saturday, September 19 from 4-5:30p.m. at the Marriott Tech Center in Denver, more than 100 Christian authors will be selling and signing their books. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. So if you happen to be in the Denver area, swing by and meet one or more of these great authors, including me!
     Carolyne Aarsen  
     Diane Ashley  
     Ruth Axtell Morren  
     Rick Barry  
     Christina Berry  
     Lauralee Bliss  
     Diana Brandmeyer  
     Sandra Bricker  
     Margaret Brownley  
     Candace Calvert  
     Robin Caroll  
     Jeanie Smith Cash  
     Colleen Coble  
     Brandilyn Collins  
     Mary Connealy    
     Shirley Connolly  
     Margaret Daley  
     Susan Page Davis  
     Mary Davis  
     Janet Dean  
     Megan DiMaria  
     Lena Nelson Dooley  
     Wanda Dyson  
     Leanna Ellis  
     Pamela Ewen  
     Miralee Ferrell  
     Linda Ford  
     Tina Ann Forkner  
     Judy Gann  
     Jeff Gerke  
     Rhonda Gibson  
     Debby Giusti  
     Sandra Glahn  
     Elizabeth Goddard  
     Winnie Griggs  
     Cathy Marie Hake  
     Lisa Harris  
     Mary Hawkins  
     Roxanne Henke  
     Cynthia Hickey  
     Patti Hill  
     Denise Hunter  
     Annette Irby  
     Myra Johnson  
     Liz Johnson  
     Jenny Jones  
     Eileen Key  
     LAURIE Kingery  
     Kathleen Kovach  
     Harry Kraus  
     Jeanne Marie Leach  
     Tosca Lee  
     Julie Lessman  
     Loree Lough  
     Elizabeth Ludwig  
     Richard Mabry  
     Debbie Macomber  
     Joyce Magnin  
     Gail Gaymer Martin  
     Judy/Jude Martin-Urban/Urbanski  
     Debby Mayne  
     Aaron McCarver  
     Vickie McDonough  
     Dana Mentink  
     Robin Miller writing as Robin Caroll  
     DiAnn Mills  
     Stephanie Morrill  
     Janelle Mowery  
     Jill Elizabeth Nelson  
     Kevin Parsons  
     Golden Keyes Parsons  
     Donita K. Paul  
     Tracie Peterson  
     Allie Pleiter  
     Cara Putman  
     Tara Randel  
     Deborah Raney  
     Sandra Robbins  
     Kim Sawyer  
     Marc Schooley  
     Michael Sheehan  
     Shelley Shepard Gray  
     Ann Shorey  
     Beth Shriver  
     Sandra Lee Smith  
     Virginia Smith  
     Betsy St. Amant  
     Therese Stenzel  
     Stuart Stockton  
     Alison Strobel  
     Michelle Sutton  
     Camy Tang  
     Donn Taylor  
     Janice (Hanna) Thompson  
     Missy Tippens  
     Pamela Tracy  
     Carrie Turansky  
     Deborah Vogts  
     Jenness Walker  
     Dan Walsh  
     Susan May Warren  
     Michael Webb  
     Kit Wilkinson  
     Lisa Wingate  
     Beth Wiseman  
     Kimberley Woodhouse  
     Lenora Worth  
     Cheryl Wyatt  
     Kathleen Y’Barbo

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