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  • Monday Movie: Tangled

    There are fewer things sweeter to me than spending time with my favorite three nieces, tangledJulia, Rachel, and Emily. When I was home at Thanksgiving, I invited my nieces, their moms, and grandma to go see the new Disney movie Tangled with me.

    For Rachel and Emily, this was their very first movie in the theater. And I got share it with them!

    We all loved it! It’s such a cute, funny Disney movie for the whole family. This retelling of the Rapunzel tale includes the dashing thief, Flynn Rider, and the wildly funny dog-horse Maximus.


    I’m not sure if my favorite moment was the release of the floating lanterns in the movie or when Emily ate popcorn off the floor, and her mom freaked out! It was such an adventure. The girls loved the movie, and I loved getting to take them. What a great part of my trip home!


    3 thoughts on “Monday Movie: Tangled

    1. Love it! So fun!

    2. Beth

      OMG E! We had such a blast! I may i just note that eating popcorn off the floor IS GROSS!! LOL

    3. oh my goodness the girls are so old! I honestly still pictured rachel and emily as infants!

      and it’s about time you posted again! 🙂


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