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  • More Reviews of Kenzie

    I’m stoked about more reviews of The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn coming in. They’ve been pretty positive so far–although it does seem that a lot of reviewers agree that the premise is a little improbable. Hmmm … I’ll have to noodle on that.

    But you can check out some of my new reviews at these links:


    I’m busy doing a bunch of online interviews for the book, and I’ll be sure to post links to those here as soon as they go up.

    Hoping I haven’t said anything too embarrassing in my interviews until next time. -LJ

    One thought on “More Reviews of Kenzie

    1. daddio pooh paw

      Not too bad! It looks like people are looking for another story from my favorite contemporary author. Proud of YOU! Daddio-Pooh Paw


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