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  • One Book in One Night

    Everytime I start reading a new book, I tell myself that sleep is overrated. As I crawl into bed with a new book and before I start reading, I give myself a little pep-talk.

    I don’t need sleep tonight.

    Then a little voice pipes up, “But you have work in the morning.”

    I’ll be fine.

    “You can’t stay up until after 1a.m.”

    I’ll be fine. I don’t need more than 6 hours of sleep. It’s no big deal. This book is totally worth it.

    Every night that I start a new book, I have that same conversation with myself. Recently I was reading a YA by one of my favorite authors Tina Ferraro, and I knew that I should put the book down. It was starting to get late, and my eyes were starting to droop. But I only had 50 pages to go, and I wasn’t sure that our heroine would end up with the right guy. I couldn’t put the book down yet.

    So I kept going. Kept reading. Kept my eyes open.

    And then it was done, and the last page ended. I closed the book, turned to flick of my bedside lamp, and glance a my clock.

    It was 1:30am!

    I had to be at work in 6 and a half hours. “Oy! What have you done?” says that little voice. “Why must you always end up reading one book in one night? You’ve got to learn how to put a book down.”

    Or I should start at a more reasonable hour so I can finish a book by 11 and still get a good night of sleep.

    Until next time. -A very sleepy LJ

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