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  • The Curse of the Common Name?

    It occurs to me that I have a rather common name. Of course, this occurred to me when I was deciding how my name would read on my book cover, but today it really hit home for me, so I decided to google myself. I even went a step further, and decided to google liz johnson books–in a vain attempt to see if my website would appear. It did not.

    But what I did discover is that there are a plethora of other Elizabeth Johnsons out there. I mean, I should know this since my brother married another Elizabeth and within our family we have 2 of the world’s many Elizabeth Johnsons. We even share a middle initial.

    And many of them are, in fact, authors.

    All that is simply to say, thanks for finding my website. You could have been lost somewhere in cyber-space looking for another Elizabeth or Liz Johnson, but somehow you found me. Thanks! Glad you’re here. -LJ

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