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  • PEI – Day 5 & 6

    Saturday, September 4
    Blueberry pancakes a la wonderful greeted us in the dining room to get the day started, and for the first time all week, Mom and I weren’t in a rush to hit the road. Rumor had it that the Hurricane Earl would hit Charlottetown that afternoon, so rather than risk being out on the road when the rain hit, we decided to explore historic Charlottetown.

    The buildings were lovely and the colorful row that made up a fun hotel was amazing.



    We visited a used bookstore that one of the other guests at CRI recommended, where Mom found the 2nd volume of Little Women that she’d been looking for to read to my niece Julia.

    We spent probably an hour in the Anne of Green Gables store, where we decided that we’d come back to pick up all the souveneirs that we didn’t want to carry around. When we stepped out of the Anne store, it had started drizzling, and by the time we mad it down Queen Street toward the harbor, it was pouring.

    So we headed back toward the shops that we wanted pick up a few things at. And they were all closed! They’d closed just before we got there because they lost power. So we walked toward Subway to grab a sandwich for lunch. Guess what else had closed?

    We had no choice but to stop by the only open convenience store and pick up a can of soup on the way back to CRI, where we peeled out of our sopping wet jeans, put on our pajamas and settled into the living room to watch Little Dorrit, a 7-hour miniseries based on the Dickens book. Well, we didn’t set out to watch all 7 hours, but when the sky stayed gray, we stayed in for quite the relaxing afternoon, with a little packing thrown in there.


    Then it was early to bed because we had a long day of travel ahead of us.

    Sunday, September 5
    It was back to the airport, back to the States for us. But one of my all-time favorite moments of the entire trip happened at the airport when, instead of weighing my suitcase, the guy at the check-in counter just lifted it and pronouced it good to go. 🙂 That’s never happened to me in the States, not even in Yuma, AZ, the smallest airport in the world (well, not quite, but it’s still tiny).

    When we made it to Newark, with just one leg of our flights left, we had a 3.5-hour layover in the smallest section of the airport possible. But there was one little restaraunt where we could sit down for a late lunch, so we did. And when we sat, I was really glad we weren’t back on a plane because my head was spinning. Plus it gave me lots of time to read one of my new L.M. Montgomery books, The Story Girl. Before you start thinking I was ignoring Mom, she was busy with my copy of The Blue Castle. And before we knew it we were on that last flight and then back in Nashville, TN.


    Well, thanks for joining me on our trip to PEI. It certainly won’t be my last vacation there. Will you join me next time?

    2 thoughts on “PEI – Day 5 & 6

    1. i am sorry you didn’t make it to the anne store— where you can have raspberry cordial—but next time!

      i am so glad you found so many lm montgomery books.

      also, little dorrit is one of my all-time favourite BBC miniseries. I throw it in the dvd player all the time. that’s a nice way to spend a rainy maritimer afternoon…

    2. did your mom finish the blue castle? did she tell you is was the most amazing fantastic book ever?


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