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  • Friday Favorite: Robin Hood-BBC Style

    Once upon a time … there was a sweet little blogger named Lady Liz. Hi LL.


    Liz liked swinging on swings, reading fairy tales, and watching TV on dvd. Then one day, her roomate Amy sent her a link for a free month trial of Netflix.


    Of course, LL accepted the free offer, and soon was filling her queue with movies and TV on dvd to her hearts desire. But the first couple TV shows she tried were bad. Yuck. Poo. Then Netflix recommended a new TV show, and LL shrugged and said, “Sure. Sounds like fun.” Two days later, a little red envelope arrived in her mail box with the first disc in the BBC show Robin Hood.


    Minutes after putting the first disk into her computer, LL’s jaw dropped and her eyes bugged and she could not rip her attention from the screen in frong of her. Like every fairy tale she loves, the story of Robin Hood, Lady Marian, and Guy of Gisborne unfolds. What’s new is the snappy wit, amusing dialouge, ruckus sidekick Much, and utterly handsome Robin. Yup. LL discovered quite quickly that she had a little crush on the people’s hero, who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. And then she realized that if possible, Robin was cuter than ever because he shoots a bow and wears a … 


    … HOODIE! That’s right, a greenish/brownish hoodie. In every episode. LL could barely contain the pitter patter of her little heart.

    With the arrival of each new disc of this action-packed show, LL found that happily ever after arrived. Until the disc ended. And began again with the next disc. And quickly ended again. Tired of the back and forth, she decided to ask for the dvds for her birthday. If she gets them (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), then she’ll be happily forever after …