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  • The Great October Book Giveaway – Boo and Boo Hiss

    Today, I’m giving away Boo and Boo Hiss by Rene Gutteridge.

    About these books:
    Talk about Working out Your Faith with Fear and Trembling.

    The biggest thing to happen to Skary, Indiana, is renowned horror novelist Wolfe Boone–or, “Boo,” as the locals fondly call him. For the past sixteen years, the reclusive writer has been the town’s greatest attraction, having unintentionally turned the once-struggling Skary into a thriving tourist-trap for the dark side: from the Haunted Mansion restaurant, famous for its “bloody fingers” (fries splattered with ketchup) to Spooky’s Bookstore (where employees dress like the walking dead).

    But when a newly reformed Wolfe suddenly quits the genre and subsequently starts to pursue Skary’s favorite girl-next-door, Ainsley Parker, the little town made famous by his writings becomes truly horrified. Soon, a scheme is plotted to put the fright back into Skary–and get their most famous resident out of love and back into the thrill business.

    Filled with humor, small town charm, and a gentle message of enduring faith, Boo shows how even the most colorful group of busybodies and hypocrites can become a community changed forever by God.

    E-mail me today at author@lizjohnsonbooks.com, be the third e-mailer, and win the book! What could be easier?

    One thought on “The Great October Book Giveaway – Boo and Boo Hiss

    1. You don’t need to enter me in the give-away; I have both books, and I loved them…so quirky and original, with kind of a “Pushing Daisies” feel to them.
      Liz, I’m making the rounds of book and author blogs today, asking people to check out my book blog, Cindy’s Book Club. It has VERY few readers right now!
      I posted a fun book quiz there today: http://cindysbookclub.blogspot.com


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