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  • The Infamous “Books” Folder

    Am I the only one that thinks I might have a very mixed-up filing system? See, on my computer, I have a folder in My Documents titled “books.” And in that folder is every story note or idea I’ve had since college. There must be over a hundred documents in there, just taunting me to organize them. I have about 12 “final” drafts of Kenzie’s story–all saved by date. And of course I have the new book I’m working on.

    But what does one do with files for chick-lit-Amish-girl-YA-with-an-historical-twist ideas?

    Actually that’s five individual ideas right there. But still … how can I keep my folder’s organized so when I’m looking for notes on Kenzie, they’re handy instead of stuck between the camp ground mystery and random names I liked for characters back in 1998? Ugh. Organization is not my strong point. If you have a brilliant idea leave me a comment.

    I can use any suggestions. It can’t get any worse. Until next time, I’ll be lost between every imaginable document belonging to “books.”  And don’t even get me started on the “shorts” folder. -LJ

    One thought on “The Infamous “Books” Folder

    1. You & your lack of organization are both awesome and creative. rock on, novelist lady!


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