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  • The Short and Long of It

    Will someone please explain to me why two pairs of jeans, identical in brand, cut, and size can be so different in length? I purchased a pair of dark wash jeans at Kohl’s recently. I loved them. Very comfy. And with the new policy at my place of employment allowing employees to wear jeans every day, I decided to pick up a second pair of the same jeans. (If you’re a guy and don’t understand this, sorry.)

    But for some reason, even after washing said second pair of jeans, I didn’t bother to pull them out of my closet. Until last week.

    At which point, I realized that my second pair of jeans is a solid three inches longer than the first pair of jeans. I didn’t realize how short my first pair was until I tried on the second. Oh, the delusion!

    Am I the only one with these jean troubles?


    One thought on “The Short and Long of It

    1. Oh, I am so with you on jean issues. I never can find any that fit.

      I was shocked and amazed when my cousin bought me a pair of GAP jeans at a thrift store and they actually fit. I don’t shop in GAP, but they are perfect! In fact, I am wearing them right now. I’ve never had a pair of jeans that was more perfect for me. The problem – well, when I went to buy another pair (totally understand that part of your story too) GAP no longer sells this style in the US. So I am back to square one.


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