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  • Being Thankful

    So, I got some big news today. I mean HUGE news. And it was good GREAT news too. So why did I immediately jump to the hyperventilating/completely stressed out portion of the program?

    Why is it that when I get big news my first thought is, can I really handle this? What if I fail? What if I [fill in the blank here]?

    So this afternoon, amidst my frantic hunt for a paper bag to breathe into, I get a message from my good and very wise friend Katie. It says, “If you want God to not bless you so much … that’s lame.”

    It is lame. Thank you Katie for reminding me that my first response should always be thankfulness for God’s amazing blessings. I continue to be floored by His goodness in my life. I don’t deserve any of this, and God’s grace is so incredible! So from here on out, I plan to be thankful first. Freak out later. 🙂

    Oh, and that news? Just a little call from my agent saying that my publisher has offered a contract on my next book.

    And me? I still have to write the whole thing. By July.

    Thankful first. Freak out later.

    2 thoughts on “Being Thankful

    1. Congrats…and you can do it!

    2. Sorry I’m so behind! Congrats and I’m sure you will do a great job on this next book. And… I love what Katie said – what a great reminder 🙂


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