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  • Touted as the Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!

    So I don’t know if I’d call this the Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever, but it sure is sweet! And because, we here at LizJohnsonBooks.com love romance, here’s a video that’s been making the rounds on the interwebz, making girls swoony and boys angry that they didn’t think of it first.

    4 thoughts on “Touted as the Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!

    1. Amy

      i don’t see a video. 🙁 oh no! does this mean that i’ve lost all romance in my life and that means that i’m the only one that can’t view it?? like an “emperor’s clothes” for a new generation??

    2. I think, I got it fixed, Amy! Sorry about the snag. Enjoy the video! 🙂

    3. daddio pooh-paw

      Cool. I liked it so much, I watched the next four that came up in the window after it. Maybe it’s just that mom and I celebrate 34 years together on Monday. Hard to believe her mom thought the best man would have been a better choice. Then you would have been someone different altogether.

    4. stef

      I’d be so mad if my dad knew I was getting engaged before I did.


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