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  • Rules of Concert Etiquette

    Last weekend, my new roommate Nicole and I went to see Third Day at the Ryman. As I may have mentioned in the past, the Ryman is one of the oldest and most revered theaters in Nashville. It’s also just plain a cool place to see a show. (Let me take this opportunity to give a big shoutout to my sweet friend Caroline, who hooked us up with tickets and meet and greet passes that produced this picture.)


    Nicole and I were both excited about the show, especially when we found out that Tenth Avenue North was opening the show. And boy, were they excellent! The Tenth Ave boys were ROCKIN’ their set with songs like “Healing Begins” and “You Are More.” I was enjoying them so much until the girls a couple rows behind us screaming at the top of their lungs. In fact, they were shouting their Hallelujahs so loudly that they could be heard over even the loudest songs. And then the girls were praying–also over top the music. At first, I thought I was the only one who could hear it, but then it became clear that everyone else around us was bothered by this as well.

    It wasn’t that the girls were praying. Nope. I’m a fan of that. And it wasn’t that they were worshiping God. Nope. I’m a fan of that, too. It was the manner in which they were doing it that was driving me nuts. You see, they were breeching a very important rule of concert going etiquette.

    What? You didn’t know there were rules when attending concerts (in this case, Christian concerts)? Ah, but there are. At least 4 of them actually. To help in your next concert going experience, I offer them here.

    Rules of Concert Etiquette

    1. Your speaking and prolonged shouts should never be louder than the songs that are being sung on stage. You see others have purchased tickets for this show to enjoy the music being played, not whatever it is that you think is more important. Your voice should not carry beyond two people to either side of you.

    2. The flash of your camera should always be angled in such a way as to blind the fewest number of people. At no point should your camera be stretched to arms length and the flash set off directly in the eyes of the people in front of you.

    3.  Failure to bathe and use deodorant prior to the concert event is inexcusable. In the same way, overuse of perfumes is never appreciated. Think about how closely you’ll be sitting next to your neighbor.

    4. Sitting in someone else’s assigned seat because you don’t want to ask where yours is, is a sure-fire way to make concert enemies. If, heaven forbid, you do wind up in someone else’s seat, be prepared to move quickly, quietly, and graciously.

    Those are my rules. What have I missed?

    2 thoughts on “Rules of Concert Etiquette

    1. Amy

      5. always go with a good friend, of course! 🙂

    2. You’re so wise, Amy! Sharing with friends is the best part about a show!


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