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  • Where I’ve been …

    I’ve missed you guys! No, really … I have. This has been a crazy, busy time in my life, and guess what’s fallen off the plate? You got it! Blogging. But I’m back and ready with some super-exciting upcoming blogs. Including a giveaway! But shh … it’s a secret. I’ll tell you more about it soon.

    So for the mean time, I wanted to fill you in on the top¬†16 things I’ve done in the last month, many of which are inteneded to make you feel sorry for me. Let your sympathy-giving commence. ūüôā
    1. Hanging out with my mom and dad. (That’s not supposed to induce sympathy.)
    2. Moving into a new house.
    3. Cleaning the old house.
    4. Writing a proposal for a new Love Inspired Suspense book.
    5. Reading emails in which my editor explains why she doesn’t like said proposal.
    6. Rewriting proposal.
    7. Traveling for work.
    8. Listening to Matt Wertz music.
    9. Training to run a 5K on July 4th. (Is this really inteneded to¬†celebrate our country’s birthday? Really?)
    10. Reading a weird book. (Not on purpose. I thought it was going to be normal.)
    11. Reading a plumb bad book. (Also not on purpose.)
    12. Missing Castle every week.
    13. Watching Make It or Break It instead.
    14. Watching Jimmy McAvoy in his first movie in AGES.
    15. Brainstorming fun book projects with friends.
    16. Planning another trip to Prince Edward Island!

    But it’s good to be back! I’ve seen some really wonderful–and some¬†really terrible–movies in the last month. I can’t wait to tell you about them.

    And, yes, if anyone asks, I did steal the numbered list idea from Jenny B. Jones, who happens to be my hero.

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