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  • Yay for hair cuts!

    My hair has been driving me CRAZY! I mean, completely, absolutely nuts! To the point that was ready to just pull it out. But when I realized that might hurt, a lot, I opted to go get it cut instead. But a new city means finding a new stylist. Well it turns out nearly everyone I work with goes to the same person, so today Nikki worked her magic on my hair!



    Okay, so I know it’s not an originally new haircut, but it’s so nice to have it cleaned up and soft and light and EASY. I’m all about the easy hair in the morning. 🙂

    2 thoughts on “Yay for hair cuts!

    1. Stef

      Love it!

    2. katie

      looks great liz! i myself desperately need a haircut. let’s say that the last time i got a haircut you lived here, it was cold, and my sister was unmarried…


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