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  • The Infamous “Books” Folder

    Am I the only one that thinks I might have a very mixed-up filing system? See, on my computer, I have a folder in My Documents titled “books.” And in that folder is every story note or idea I’ve had since college. There must be over a hundred documents in there, just taunting me to organize them. I have about 12 “final” drafts of Kenzie’s story–all saved by date. And of course I have the new book I’m working on.

    But what does one do with files for chick-lit-Amish-girl-YA-with-an-historical-twist ideas?

    Actually that’s five individual ideas right there. But still … how can I keep my folder’s organized so when I’m looking for notes on Kenzie, they’re handy instead of stuck between the camp ground mystery and random names I liked for characters back in 1998? Ugh. Organization is not my strong point. If you have a brilliant idea leave me a comment.

    I can use any suggestions. It can’t get any worse. Until next time, I’ll be lost between every imaginable document belonging to “books.”  And don’t even get me started on the “shorts” folder. -LJ

    Writing Isn’t for the Weak – At Least Not the 2nd Book

    As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, my first novel, The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn, is being published by Steeple Hill next summer. I couldn’t be more thrilled, and I know that I owe all of it to God. He happened to use a couple of my friends, Kelly B. and Jess B., to help me get the first draft of that story finished–keeping me accountable to get my words written. But since then, I’ve been in the process of writing two or three other stories and making edits to Kenzie’s story. Now that I’m committed to working on the follow-up novel, I find it especially hard to buckle down and get words written each week.

    Then last week, I chatted with another author that I work with. He’s been writing books for more than 15 years. He’s a great guy, so when I told him that I was working on my second novel, I expected him to give me loads of encouragement. I said something along the lines of, “For some reason, getting this book written is harder than the first.” And he said, “They just get harder.”

    Ouch! Talk about a reality check. He told that no one ever tells aspiring writers the truth–even if it is your calling, writing is tough, and it just gets harder over the years.

    At first I was a little disillusioned. Was he just really jaded after so many years in the business? Was he just telling me that every book is harder to write than the last because I was having a hard time? Was I so different from every other author that says it’s easy because God has given them a message? I grappled with these questions for an evening, until I finally came to freeing conclusion.

    It’s okay for the second book to be harder than the first–regardless of what every other author says. After all, writing isn’t about being easy. It’s about being dilligent with the talents that God’s given me.  Getting in front of my computer and putting words on paper, er, screen. It’s just up to me to be available. God will take care of the rest of it for me. His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

    Now this post just passed 370 words. Would these words have been better used if I’d added them to ch. 6 of my current project? Hmm … Not enough answers tonight. So I’ll say goodnight here before I add a couple more lines to ch. 6. – LJ

    Monday Movies – Eagle Eye

    It’s pretty much a given that I’ll see at least one movie over any given weekend, so I thought I’d share my views on said films in a weekly segment I like to call Monday Movies. If I haven’t managed to catch a recent flick in the theater or on dvd, well, then you’ll be subjected to favorites from my past, likely ranging from the classic muscial Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to the more recent editions of Pride and Prejudice. But this week, I’m featuring …


    I caught this action flick, starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan, at the dollar theater on Saturday afternoon. Let me just begin by telling you that the cheap theater–while totally fiscally responsible–is not always the best moving-going experiece. The lines can be obnoxiously long and the seats are hugely uncomfortable, but a friend and I decided to give it a go. We were late, so the theater was dark and pretty full by the time we tried to find seats. We managed to find two on an end toward the front, my feet only sticking to the floor like it was coated with regular Elmer’s glue (not the heavy-duty stuff).

    Let’s just say that by the time I squeezed into my seat, I wasn’t sure I’d made the right decision. After all, the movie is already on dvd, so I was thinking that maybe I should have just rented it.

    And then it got going. From the jump, I was hooked! Its fast pace and detailed plot kept me guessing, and I confess that I really didn’t know who the bad guy was until the end. The acting was tight and the story of two strangers who are coerced into following a mysterious voice on the other end of the phone was completely far-fetched–just what I was hoping for. Shia and Michelle had great chemistry and the screenwriter had a wonderful sense of suspenseful build-up followed by a little down time for the audience to catch our breaths.

    Well worth the sticky floor and itty-bitty seats. I’m so glad that I didn’t miss it on the big-screen.

    Eagle Eye does have some rough language and bits of violence, so I don’t recommend it for the kids. But I sure texted my sister-in-law the minute that we got out of the show to tell her that she and my brother should rent it.

    Until the next one … LJ


    Greetings and welcome to I Write About Love and Such.

    I’m delighted that you’re visiting my online home, and I hope that you’ll come back frequently. To help you navigate your way through the posts to come, allow me to present …

    The Cast of (Frequent) Characters:

    Liz Johnson – I’ll be your host on this tour through my life and my publishing journey. I’m a sometimes writer, an infrequent jogger, a full-time publicist, and always loved by God. I live in Colorado Springs, CO and have a novel scheduled to release in July 2009 from Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense.

    Amy (on the rt.) and me at a Brandon Heath concert
    Amy (on the rt.) and me at a Brandon Heath concert


    Amy – My coworker and housemate, who frequently gets me hooked on new TV shows, goes ice skating with me, and has the world’s worst–and by that I mean, best–puns.

    Mom and Dad – Also known as Twila and Don. They live in Arizona in the same city where I grew up.

    Hannah – My sister, who makes fun of me for using words like “delightful” and “lovely” in every-day speech, but I love her anyway. She’s married to John and is the mom to 2 of my beautiful nieces.

    Micah – My computer wizard of a brother. (Seriously … Amy calls him Micah the Awesome because he literally set up our wireless network from 1100 miles away.) He and his wife Beth are the parents of a little girl and boy.

    Jess – My Monday night writing buddy and coworker. She keeps me writing at least once a week and makes me laugh at least a couple times a day. She also gets me on board with under-appreciated movies and TV shows like Pushing Daisies, which I’m going to miss terribly.

    Katie and Stephanie – I first became acquainted with these sisters when Katie, a coworker, asked if I’d like to join them in hunting for a quality singles group at our church. Then they invited me over to watch Veronica Mars on dvd. Over 60 episodes later, and these ladies have become awesome friends.

    My Mr. Right – I haven’t met him yet … I don’t think. But I hope to … soon.