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  • Friday Favorite – In honor of football season!

    In honor of the start of the NFL season, I’m pleased to feature my favorite football player of all time.


    If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 10 seasons or so, then you’ve really missed out on watching Indianapolis’ QB Peyton Manning. You may have heard of his brother Eli or his dad Archie–both NFL QBs too. Although his dad retired many years ago. But Eli led the NY Giants to a Super Bowl victory just a year after Peyton took his Colts to win the title.

    In honor of Petyon, who isn’t just a great QB but is also an all around great guy, I bring you a countdown of my top three Peyton Manning commercials.

    #3 – Because everyone needs a a hair cut that will last forever …

    #2 – Because that mustache couldn’t be any better …  

    Where were you?

    When I was in high school my dad told me about the day that President Kennedy was shot. It was unforgetable for him, and he told me how he was in high school English class, how he’d always remember that moment.

    I couldn’t imagine ever living through a moment so memorable. And then I was a junior in college working out on an eliptical at the fitness center on campus watching the news, confounded how a plane could have crashed into the World Trade Center. Then as other students and I watched those tiny screens, we saw that second plane hit. And in a moment, I understood what my dad meant when he said he he’d never forget that day in November 1963.

    So I just wanted to say to all the families who lost loved ones 8 years ago today that my prayers are with you. I appreciate what the NYPD, FDNY, and all the other men and women serving that day did. Thank you!

    Fantasy Football!!!!

    So tonight I’m watching the Titans play the Steelers in the first football game of my season. 🙂 And to go along with that, I’m ranking players for the fantasy football draft. (Apparently my league is running a week behind, which is totally cool, because I hadn’t ranked any players yet. So I would have missed trying to get my favorites. Thanks, Amy!)

    I’ve never been in a fantasy football league before, but I’m kind of excited! Anyone out there have any advice for this FF newbie?

    Can’t wait to find out who I end up with after the draft until next time. -LJ

    P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about my #1 draft pick!

    Friday Favorite – The three wolf moon t-shirt

    My lovely and dear friend/writing buddy Jess B. sent me a link this morning at work. I saw it right away, but I was distracted by … well … things that needed to get done. At about 4:20 I finally had time to take a peek. What should I discover, but this t-shirt for sale on Amazon.com.


    While the shirt is obviously ridiculously awesome, it’s the product reviews that make it my Friday Favorite. As I read a few of them this afternoon, I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell out of my chair.

    Visit the three wolf moon t-shirt here, read some reviews, and see if this isn’t the most amazing shirt you’ve ever heard of.

    My favorite part? It’s #3 in apparel on all of Amazon!

    One word. Awesome!

    Where have I been? and a Giveaway!

    I’ve been asking myself all week where I’ve been. It seems like I haven’t had 2 minutes to blog this week and almost as little time to tweet. My parents ended up coming for a visit last weekend, and I ended up spending all day Friday in the hospital with my mom. Not to worry! She’s totally okay, but she gave us a bit of scare.

    So I had to make a decision. Brandon Heath or my mom.

    I had to go with my mom. So while my good friends Ashley and Lauren went to interview Brandon, I hung out in the cardiac unit at one of the hospitals here in town. But at about 6:15, I got a call from Ashley. Apparently Brandon wanted to talk to me. So I did have a 3 minute conversation with him. Pretty amazing! 🙂

    My parents were nearly as excited as I was, and it was a really cool moment. Brandon was super genuine, and he made me love him just that much more.

    Anyway, so mom and dad and I had a kick-back weekend watching movies and hanging out. I’m really glad to have gotten to spend time with them.

    Looking forward to seeing them again until next time. -LJ

    P.S. I’m having a twitter GIVEAWAY! I have 2 more signed copies of The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn to give away, so drop me an @reply tweet and tell me you want a signed book, and I’ll send it your way.