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  • Friday Favorite: Cake Wrecks

    I hope you won’t hold it against me that I’m offering another website for the second week in a row. But this website, is just so worth it!

    Welcome to CakeWrecks.blogspot.com – when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong. Cake Wrecks and its creator Jen, just celebrated it’s first birthday, and boy has it been a funny year!

    Not sure what a Cake Wreck is? Allow me to show, not tell:

    This cake started it all.
    This was the cake requested for a lovely wedding.
    This is the bride, looking at the cake that wasn't exactly what she was hoping for.

    (Disclaimer: I hope it’s okay for me to borrow these pics.) I just can’t describe a cake wreck any better than these pics describe. But the real genius of the site is Jen, the host. Her snarky comments absolutely make the site the gem that it is.

    Oh, and don’t miss out on Cake Wrecks the book! Only $9.55 at Amazon-available September 15. Oh, I’ll so be buying one of these. And you should too. 🙂

    Laughing uproariously at cakes until next time. -LJ

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