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  • Friday Favorite – Stuff Christians Like

    I like funny things. Comedies, comedians, and comic strips. I love them all. And I especially love humor that relates to my life.

    Enter Stuff Christians Like, a tongue-in-cheek blog about … you guessed it … stuff Christians like. Author Jon Acuff shares daily humor about life in the American Christian culture.  One of my first and favorite posts is titled: Understanding how metrosexual your worship leader is. (A Handy Guide) The quiz helps you gauge the worship leader at your church based on his hair cut and product, choice of facial hair, and the trendiness of his eyewear.

    And then there are serious Wednesdays, when Jon offers his unique commentary on slightly more serious issues.

    Smart and funny, these blog posts tickle me, I think because this blog takes topics familiar to the churches I’ve attended through the years, and makes them funnier and more outrageous than I first thought.

    Now, I think it should be said, that Jon is a Christian. He’s not hating on Christ or Christians, but rather putting a satirical twist on the culture that has emerged in today’s church. And he’s really very funny!

    One thought on “Friday Favorite – Stuff Christians Like

    1. I love this blog too. Its so ridiculous the things that we do. My favorite is how you can say all kinds of mean things, but add “bless her heart” and suddenly it is no longer mean.


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