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  • Is it too late to decorate?

    Why haven’t I decorated for Christmas yet?

    That’s a very real and valid question. I just don’t have an equally valid answer. It probably has something to do with a short-lived, though still unsettling bought of food poisoning this weekend. Or the fact that I leave for vacation to celebrate Christmas and New Years at home in Arizona in 2 and half weeks. Or how much I hate having to clean up the lights and tinsel after the New Year.

    Or maybe I’m just very, very lazy this year. That’s a terrible excuse, but likely the most true one.

    So if I did suddenly get in the mood to pull out the old tree and trimmings, is it too late to decorate?

    3 thoughts on “Is it too late to decorate?

    1. daddio pooh paw

      Even if you have a bout, not bought, with food poisoning, it is never too late to decorate. Jules would have loved that rhyme. Some families wait until Christmas Eve to put up a tree and adorn their home with festivizations(I just made up that word.) Can’t wait for you to get home!

    2. I haven’t decorated either. This year am only planning to put up my 2′ pink tinsel tree. But two years ago, I put up my tree on Christmas Eve. Had a real tree and only put lights on it (because the down side to living by yourself is that whatever you put up, you have to take down). I loved that tree with just lights!

      I have decided that I have to decorate a little, but if I only want a little bit, it is ok. Not going to stress out about it – that sort of defeats the purpose of Christmas.

    3. Never too late! I agree. You need some festiveness!! Go for it girl.


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