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  • My muse is annoying

    A couple of weeks ago, my friend, fellow writer, and roommate at ACFW, Valerie Comer invited me to be  a guest on her blog. She said she’d like to review The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn–which she kindly did here. And then she said she’d like me to write 500-800 words on this prompt: Writing with my Muse.

    Truth be told, I’d never really thought too much about my muse. I wouldn’t say my muse is a person or thing, really. It’s just my imagination, and I think it’s important to stretch and grow it all the time. Otherwise, my stories become mundane and much less fun.

    I agreed to write the short guest blog post, and decided it was as good a time as any to have a little fun with it. So here’s the first few lines of my story:

    My muse* is a pest—an incredibly annoying pain in the butt. She comes knocking on my door at the worst possible times. There I am snug as bug in bed, covers up to my chin, lights off, and sleep nearly reached. 

    “Hey! Hey, Liz! Wake up! I have an idea.”

    I open one eye and look around my bedroom. Same as always. She’s shy and doesn’t want to make an appearance, but she has no trouble pulling me from my extremely comfy situation because she has “an idea.” 

    What if it’s a bad one?” I ask.

    Read the rest of the story here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

    Stretching my silly imagination until next time. -LJ

    One thought on “My muse is annoying

    1. Love this. I typically refer to that silly, illogical voice in my head as “my funny”. It’s what tends to give me my best lines & ideas. Some people take medication to make the voices in their head go away. Well for me, I encourage it every chance I get!


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