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  • I know what you’re thinking …

    You’re thinking … not another post about Brandon Heath! When will this girl ever stop with the BH posts?

    And I’m thinking … maybe I should have dedicated this blog to all things BH. I seem to have at least a post a week about the guy.

    But alas … I’m not going to stop posting about BH any time soon. And I’m also not going to dedicate the entire blog to him … although … that does have possibilities. But then I wouldn’t be able to write about my other favorite things and my writing and my book and my short stories. So all-in-all, you’re pretty much stuck with BH, while I’m stuck on BH.

    So this is just a quick note to let you know he was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards this last weekend. While he didn’t win in either category, the New York Times sure thinks he’s worth watching. Click on the pic below to read the NYT article about the nominees to watch.


    I can’t help myself … he’s just too adorable! 🙂 Until next time … -LJ

    The Trouble With Coupons

    (Before I begin, it occurs to me that the title of this post might also make a very fun book or short story title.  Doesn’t it sound like a story about a bargain hunter with a serious chick lit problem? Hmm … I’ll have to noodle on that for a while.)

    On to my real thoughts about coupons–specifically those from Family Christian Stores. I happen to be registered with them, as I really do love their stores, so I receive regular catalogs. Being a book-, movie-, and music-lover, I generally enjoy flipping through the pages to see what new media is now on sale. Is it the latest Max Lucado book? How about the new Brandon Heath cd? (Man, don’t tease me on that one!)

    And then I hit the last page, and there they are, practically shrouded in angelic light.


    25% Off here or there.
    33% off for Grandparent’s Day or whatever other obscure holiday approaches.
    30% off for just being me!

    And I think it’s never been so good to just be me. So I tell myself that I’ll just swing by FCS and take a quick peek. I don’t have any money, and I certainly don’t need anything. I have stacks of unread books at home. But it won’t hurt to just swing by the store and browse. Maybe I’ll get a good idea for Christmas presents–even if it is still 11 months away.

    Then I find myself tucked between two rows of equally sweet smelling books. I reach out to touch one. Just to feel the texture of the cover. Maybe take a little sniff. I do love the smell of new books. And suddenly the book is tucked under my arm as though I’m going to buy it.

    You don’t need it, says my wise inner voice.

    But then I say to myself, “Self, you do have a coupon … just for being you.”

    And before I know it, I’m at the counter setting a pile of books next to the register and proudly slapping my coupon on the top. I smile, thinking to myself how much money I’m saving on all 13 of these books.

    And then the kindly cashier says, “That’ll be $93.” I choke back a sob and dish out the dough. I can’t very-well part with one of these precious books now. Nope. Now I’ll take all 13 of my treasures back to my bulging bookshelves. And when I look for grocery money the next week, I’ll remember where I spent it. And I’ll know that that’s the trouble with coupons.

    Still searching for grocery money between the couch cushions until next time. -LJ

    BAM and CBD

    Turns out that my book is now available to preorder at Booksamillion.com and CBD.com. In fact, CBD has cover art on their site. So while I can’t post it yet … CBD apparently has. 😉 You can find links to those on the Liz’s Books page. Enjoy! I’d love to hear your thoughts.


    Monday Movie – Northanger Abbey

    Okay, so I don’t have much time today. I’m super-busy trying to get my final proofread of The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn done by Wednesday, plus I’m in the middle of quite a good book, and I’m terribly distracted by Valentine’s Day M&Ms … but I wanted to offer a quick post about the movie I watched this weekend. northanger-abbey-coverFor Christmas Jess B. gave me the dvd of Northanger Abbey–the PBS Masterpiece Theater version. We had watched it together last year, and it was really my first interaction with Jane Austen’s least known novel. It found it to be terribly clever, funny, and all around lovely (that’s for you, Hannah)!

    JJ Field stars as Mr. Henry Tilney, a sarcastic yet every enjoyable younger son of the strict General Tilney. Felicity Jones plays Catherine Morland, a young woman on an adventure to Bath with her friends the Allens.

    When Henry and Catherine meet, there is an immediate interest and attraction, but, like in all of Ms. Austen’s stories, money soon becomes troublesome. Catherine, a voracious reader of gothic romances with an amazing imagination, finds her daydreams running wild in Henry’s family’s home–Northanger Abbey.

    PBS doesn’t disappoint in this beautiful period piece. And JJ Field is wonderful! I couln’t stop laughing at some of his lines, like the famous, “Now I must give you one more smirk, then we can be rational.”

    And who can forget Mr. Allen’s “Resign yourself, Catherine. Shops must be visited. Money must be spent. Do you think you could bear it?”

    A delight all the way around! I highly recommend this lovely romance–though I confess I have not yet read the book, which needs to be on my 2009 list. Enjoying Mr. Tilney’s smirk until next time. -LJ

    Brandon Heath and Third Day … Here We Come!

    So I decided to take the plunge, spend some Christmas money and make the trip back to AZ for the Third Day and Brandon Heath Revelation tour. Tickets are purchased (Mom and I are sitting in the third row!) and I’m stoked to get to hang with the family for an entire week. I should be to AZ just in time to miss having to help move Micah and Beth and Hannah and John into their new homes! Perfect timing! 🙂

    So my mom agreed to go to the show with me not because she’s big into concerts or especially loves either Brandon or Third Day, but rather because she loves me and wants to hang out with me. Very cool. 🙂 But being a seasoned concert veteran, I know that a show is always better when you know the songs, so I put together 2 cds for her and mailed them off this week. They are labeled:
    Operation: Get Ready for the Concert – Part 1: Brandon Heath
    Operation: Get Ready for the Concert – Part 2: Third Day

    Here’s hoping Mom actually listens to them so she’s ready for the show!

    In honor of Third Day’s new album Revelation (which I’ve been rocking out to in my car, on my ipod at work, and at the gym), a video that I think sums it up better than I ever could. 

    Until we’re rocking out live at the concert. -LJ

    Win a free signed book!

    Because I love free books … an opportunitiy from WaterBrook Multnomah …

    To enter simply become a “Fan” of WaterBrook Multnomah on Facebook.com.

    We’ll choose one winner each week through March 1st. Winners can choose any of our current titles to be signed by the author! The sooner you become a fan, the better your chances at winning!

    For a list of WaterBrook Multnomah’s latest titles, go here.

    1) If you haven’t already created a Facebook profile do so now on Facebook.com
    2) If you do have a Facebook profile, sign in.
    3) Once you’ve signed in click here to go to the WaterBrook Multnomah fan page – or – simply search for “WaterBrook Multnomah” in the search bar on Facebook.

    Become a fan now!


    Friday Favorite – Chris Tomlin

    In honor of the concert that Amy, our friend Tracy, and I will be attending tonight, I’ve chosen Chris Tomlin as today’s Friday Favorite. We’re headed up to Denver to the Wells Fargo Theater with our front row tickets to enjoy a little love from his Hello Love album!

    Now Amy, Tracy, and I all went to see Chris back in early 2008–long before Amy I were roommates–when he was on the How Great Is Our God tour with Louie Giglio (another one of my faves!). But that time we got to the church a little late, and the seats weren’t reserved by ticket, so we ended up sitting in the nose-bleed section. Tonight we’ll be able to tell if Chris has a drop of sweat on his nose! Looking forward to it.

    Of course Amy used some of her mad-skills and got us backstage passes, and we got to meet Chris and Louie. Amazing night all around. Hoping this night will be just as great! Love Chris’s worship songs. I always leave his concerts feeling like I’m stepping out of a church service.

    Me and Chris Tomlin - likely one of the worst pics of me ever!
    Me and Chris Tomlin - likely one of the worst pics of me ever!

    Manning and Cutler

    Being a Colorado resident, football fan, and all-around Manning Brother enthusiast, I just have to share this link that Amy sent my way.  Apparently Peyton Manning has a thing against diabetics. Just kidding! 🙂


    Just for the record, I totally side with the author of this article … I would have played it up big too.

    Random Thought

    So I was just editing a picture with Picasa from Google. Amy introduced me to this software, but I’m still pretty new at it. I do find it comes in handy to make pictures smaller, especially when my website only allows certain size pics.

    Anyway, a box popped up asking me if I wanted to update it. And my options were “Yes, update now” and “Later, please.” And it occured to me that maybe my Picasa box was kinder and more courteous today than I was. I had to stop and ask myself if I took the time to say “please” today. Did I say “thank you” at every opportunity? Was I kind and loving to everyone I interacted with?

    I know that Bible says that if we don’t worship God, the rocks will cry out to praise His name. But I don’t remember reading anything about if we don’t treat others with love, Picasa pop-up boxes will.

    Either way, I don’t want rocks or pop-up boxes doing my job.

    So … thanks for stopping by. Praying that you’re enjoying God’s glory today. -LJ

    New Fun with Old Books

    Okay, so like many of you, I have enormous numbers of old books laying around. Books that I bought and read and enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) but don’t need to keep around the house anymore. After all, my bookshelves are nearly crumbling under the massive weight of the books that I do want to keep.

    In the past I’ve tried to sell some older books to used bookstores, but that never seems to net much profit. In fact one time it cost me $5. I drove to downtown Colorado Springs and parked at a meter in front of a used bookstore there. I popped my quarter into the meter, figuring 15 minutes would be plenty of time. I dropped my box of books at the front to be considered. Then began strolling the aisles. Being very fond of books, I somehow got lost among the tomes and ended up returning to the front of the store about 30 minutes later. They bought 5 of my books for $5 total. I figured it wasn’t a complete waste. Until I got back to my car and saw the $10 parking ticket. The long-sense expired meter had done me wrong! And I ended up owing $5 more than I made on my books. Bummer.

    So this week, I decided to see if I could figure out a good way to pass my plethora of used books along to other readers, who might also want to read them, without the threat of another parking ticket.

    Enter the PaperBack Swap–or PBS. Turns out this handy little website allows you to swap your old books with other people looking to clear off a little space on their shelves. You pay to ship your book when someone requests it. But you don’t have to pay for shipping when you request a book. Shipping one book = 1 credit. And each paperback or hardback book you order will cost just 1 credit. (Audio books are 2.)

    It’s easy, it’s simple, and if you’re anything like me, you may find it saving you a bit of money. 🙂

    Now, there are a couple tips that I feel I should share:

    1. This is not a great place to look when you’re in a hurry to get a new release. Likely there are 40 other people looking for the same new release and only a couple readers who are offering it.
    2. Patience is key to using this site not only in the afore-mentioned situation, but also in waiting for your books to arrive. It can take almost 4 weeks for books to arrive at your home. It can also take a long time for someone to order one of your books, which means you’ll be waiting a while before you can order the next book you want.
    3. Look for books other than novels–PBS has a great selection of nonfiction and textbooks.
    4. This is a great place to look for out of print or older titles that bookstores may not be carrying.
    5. Please! Don’t abandon your favorite local bookstore. Whether you’re a Barnes and Noble, Borders, Family Christian, or even an Amazon fan, these stores offer a certain guarantee of selection and prompt service that PBS just can’t.

    Happy swapping! Clearing off new space on my overflowing shelves until next time … -LJ