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  • The reviews are coming in …

    It’s about that time. About 3 weeks before the release of a book, the reviews start to come in … and Code of Justice is no exception. But I’m sharing them with you … because, well … they’re┬ánot too shabby!

    The RomanticTimes Bookclub magazine gave Code of Justice 4.5 stars, their highest rating, and said:
    “A marvelous hero and an intelligent heroine make this action-packed mystery an exciting and entertaining read.”

    And I didn’t even pay them to say that! Can you believe that?

    I’m also doing a bunch of interviews in March, so I’ll keep you up to date on those, where you just might learn some things about me that you never wanted to know.

    3 thoughts on “The reviews are coming in …

    1. Smeby

      Awesome!!! Hoooray!! You deserve it!

    2. daddio pooh-paw

      Your mama and I know you pretty well already. We love you just the way you are. You inspire me to create and share what I’ve done with others.

    3. way to go liz!


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